Land Surveying in NH, MA, and Maine

Dave Hislop - Land Surveyor

Knight Hill Land Surveying Services, Inc. is a Newington, NH home-based business offering a variety of land surveying services in the southeast New Hampshire area and the adjoining states of Massachusetts and Maine. G. David Hislop, President of the company, formed and incorporated Knight Hill Land Surveying Services, Inc. in 1995 after 15 years of performing all aspects of land surveying for a Portsmouth, NH based engineering firm.

Licensed Professional Land Surveyor

David is a licensed, professional land surveyor in NH, ME and MA providing free cost estimating for projects like Lot line surveys, As-built Topographic surveys, Elevation surveys, Commercial ALTA surveys, and the like as listed below or as specified.

Thorough, Cost-efficient Land Surveying

Begins with land boundary title research to fully understand senior property title rights, subdivision layouts, easements, rights of way limits, etc. prior to conducting the instrument field survey.

Next, the field work is conducted with state-of-the-art total station intrumentation in conjunction with a data collector using bluetooth communication to speed up the field data collection process. Then we download the data into the office computer for any analysis, lot line calculations and (when required) drafting. Drafting clean, concise, easy to read plans is the objective here, while keeping in compliance with the State rules and laws and any specific town or city ordinance regulations.

Subcontract Services

KHL Surveying Services, Inc. is fully insured and normally available to sub out to other firms for commercial or residential field surveys and/or contruction layout. We will overnight on distant jobs.


Please send me an email ( with your survey request with whatever information you have or just give me a call (603-436-1330) for a free estimate and proposal. Our physical location is at 34 Old Post Road, Newington, NH 03801

Types of Surveys

Lot line survey  – 

Standard boundary survey

Probate/estate planning  – 

Condominium conversions  – 

Conservation easement

Subdivision design and approvals  – 

Family division plans  – 

View easement

Right of way determination  – 

Set right of way monumentation

Easement survey for sewer, water, driveway, encroachments, access, utilities

Land Court survey  – 

Approval not required plan  – 

Land boundary research

Lot line adjustment  – 

Boundary line agreement  – 

As-built survey

Road detail/utility survey  – 

Aerial photo control survey  – 

Topographic survey

Wetland Mapping Survey  – 

Construction Layout  – 

Foundation Layout

Foundation Certification Plan  – 

FEMA Elevation Certificate Survey

LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment)  – 

Contamination Survey and Plan

Serving landowners, land buyers, civil engineers, architects, and municipalities in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Protect your land investments, prevent costly mistakes, and avoid boundary disputes with a professional title search and land survey.